Wednesday, June 11

Naval Police and rangers at rally

Naval Police, Rangers and CMH ambulances arrive at the rally. Can anybody tell what the hell Naval Police has to do here ? There might be a hidden sea in Lahore artificially created by the Pakistan Navy ;) [Ale]

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mbokhari said...

To The Army Chief: Are You Watching This?

What some of the retired military men are doing on television screens these days is downright damaging for the military. Imagine what impact it could have on the young officers viewing such TV programs in their quarters or messes? What respect, faith and loyalty they would have for their senior officers? What would the men – the finest men that an army could have – think of their leaders after their simple and honest minds are polluted by such hostile propaganda and that too from their own ‘leaders’ against their own army? This is something that the enemy psy-warfare gurus and pundits try their best to achieve through various ingenious and subtle psy-war techniques. But here we are offering them on a platter what they could otherwise never achieve.