Saturday, June 14


Decsion is to not have a Dharna [sit in]

In effect this ends the Long March peacefully


Soldier Bazari said...

This defeats the purpose of the march. Victory for Asif!

Friend said...

No achievement.

What was the objective of LM and what is output?

Waiting for your comments

TK said...

Student Action Comittee needs to clarify this:

Were the people fighting with the police and using ladders to go over barbed wire SAC members?

They were carrying SAC banner.

Please clarify this ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

No dharna was a great idea. Everyone knows that the Jamaati students would have turned the dharna violent.

Instead of headlines that say, "Tens of thousands gather against Musharraf," they would read: "Anti-Musharraf Rally Turns Violent."

The Long March, especially in Pindi-Isloo, was an event for all Pakistanis...not just the usual protester crowd. Families, women, kids were there.

Let's be a bit honest. The Jamaati students are not so desirable friends to have. Look at what they did to IK.

There's probably other reasons AA called off the dharna. But let's be rational about this. If the march became a dharna then the immense positiveness of the march would have been washed away once the first chapal was thrown.