Sunday, June 15

Pakistan will be the same never again

Excerpts from Dr. Farrukh Saleem's new poem, "Long March for justice":

Ambassadors of law are here
Missionaries of justice are here
Messengers of virtue are here
Emissaries of due process are here.

They seek no seat of power
No umras at state expense
They demand no foreign junkets
They long for no bullet-proof limos;
All they seek is justice
Justice for all their only call.

They carry no guns, no bombs
They threw no stones, they hurt not a soul;
They danced to the dhol, they danced to the chimta
They danced to the tumbi, they danced to the tabla
They sang baliyaan, they sang kafis;
They sang all night long
They danced all night long.

Alternative power centres are here
Media and the civil society are here
Geo and Aitzaz are here
Here to stay they are
Here to take care of autocracy
Both military and civilian;
Here to reform
Both state and society;
This is historic and monumental
Substantial and consequential.

For 60 painful years
Justice has been standing still
No justice no peace
No justice no sanity
No justice no progress
No rationality, stability or economics
No justice no balance
No justice no future
No justice no reason to live.

Why is their chaos, I say
Disorder, anarchy and turmoil
Inequity, poverty and illiteracy
Hunger, lust and frustration
Shame, sorrow and discontent;
Lack of justice the root of all evil.

Lithuanians had neither guns nor bullets
Their songs their guns and hymns their bullets
They sang for four long years
At the end, guns lost songs won.

The world has seen Rose Revolution
Orange and Tulip too
Wait, here comes Bhangra Revolution
Has neither a parallel nor an equal
They danced in wajad (ecstasy)
They danced in qabd (despondency) / They danced in bast (happiness) / And, they danced in sahu (awakening)

Imagine: peak summer Punjabi heat
Imagine: a hundred thousand roar
'Go Musharraf go'
Imagine: the PPP getting caught
Caught on the wrong side of history.

Geo here to hold governments accountable
Now that's truly meaningful and plentiful
Tangible and valuable
Considerable and weighty
Historic and monumental
Substantial and consequential;
Pakistan will be the same never again.

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