Sunday, June 15

Images from the Long March assembled on Constitution Avenue

The Bush in Mush

No fooling around - straightforward demands

The caption reads, "The nation awaits this day"

Fists raised, spirits high!

Musharraf laments in Punjabi, "Now where do I go?"

The caption reads simply, "Article 6." This is the article of the Constitution which prescribes the penalty for subverting the Constitutiuon of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The posters illustrates a charged Aitezaz Ahsan presenting arguments in court with Musharraf cowering behind bars and a hangman's noose suspended in the air above him.

"Restore the suspended judges - These cruel laws, we do not accept (a popular slogan) - South Waziristan Welfare Society ISlamabad - Musharraf, stop being a pain in the neck for us Pakistanis - Go Musharraf Go"

Crowd shots

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