Friday, June 13

LPP Update on the Long March

I could not write regularly on th developments of the Long March. It was due to the stealing of my mobile that I was using to send reports on the wait

Now I am at net cafe in Rawalpindi, as thousands are in the Long March and stuck at Liaquat Park. I took the opportunity to write on.

We arrived in Rawalpindi from Lahore in nearly 20 hours. So a distance of 300 kilometers was covered in 20 hours. The reason was that many thousands of people were waiting for the Long March and they were stopping them to speak to them. I have never seen such a sentiments against the military ruler General Musharraf as was witnessed on the route. Every single person was angry on General Musharraf. they wanted the judges to be restored.

At 4am, in Gujrat, over 4000 were waintg for us and there was a public meeting at the time. So was the case all along. The road were not deserted but full of people where ever there was some population. At Rawalpindi, it is see of heads all over. After long time, ordinary Pakistanis have joined the lawyers movement. Those who were saying where are the people, they can see today where are the people. They are all against the military rule and for restoration of the top judges.

There are stalls every where and the participants are offered water and some time some food as well. It is very hot and still the participant of this historic long march are fighting the heat by coming openly in the sun to raise slogans.

Around fifty women members of Labour Party Pakistan were raising slogans all the way. they were very energetic and participating in full capacity.

I had to rush, may be write later this evening.

Farooq Tariq
Labour Party Pakistan

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