Friday, June 13

Crowd Slowly reaching venue

Lala Hussain just called me up from Islamabad, amidst a noisy backdrop he was ecstatic at the success of the Long March. Lala after having traveled for five days from Karachi has finally reached teh main venue where he says there are thousands of people, and many are still pouring in.

He, in his usually fun loving manner he lambasted me to have missed an opportunity of a life time, 'We are changing the destiny of Pakistan' & 'Awab Sahib, AAJ Pakistan Badal Giya hai- yeh humara Mulk hai, in badmashooh say hum nein Kam as Kam aaj cheen liya [Awab Sahib Pakistan has changed today, this is our country and at least for a day we have snatched it from these crooks]

He narrates that his five day journey from Karachi was truly worth it and was upbeat to say today we will come back victorious - Pakistan has spoken, now if Musharraf or any person stands in our way should he tried for high treason.

The conversation ended with a thunderous Go Musharraf Go - followed by the pet slogan Chief Teray Janesran - Beeshumar Beshaumar

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