Saturday, June 14

Nawaz Sharif Speaks

Nawaz Sharif delivers a very energetic speech - short points
  1. Applauds the judicial movement and civil society movement
  2. Musharraf must be thrown outre
  3. Will not offer Musharraf a safe exit - he must be held accountable
  4. Musharraf must accept the Feb 18 election decsicon which was to ject his rule
  5. Appluads the attendees of the Long March to have pulled one of the Largest rallies in history of Islamabad
  6. Shares his optimism that this Judicial Movement is one of the historical movements that will change Pakistan for the better
  7. Nawaz Sharif talks about innocent lives lost in Lal Masjid. where Musharraf ruthlessly used White Phosphorus grenades to burn 5 year old girls alive
  8. Wants a inquiry on the 12th May massacre
  9. Wants fulls investigation of all corrupt practices
  10. Condemns Nov 3rd Martial law - calling it unconstitutional
  11. Nawaz Sharif talks about the Murree declaration which promised restoration of judiciary in 30 days, worried as to why Zardari is jumping around in circles and not following the promise to the letter - there were not ifs and buts in the promise then, why should there be any now
  12. Promises that the parliament is due to meet the next day and hopes they look at this massive rally and make a good and intelligent decision
  13. Applauds and other media channels who have shown resistance to the tyrannical regime

1 comment:

zahid said...

I think this march is going to tragic end.Nawaz Sharif's last comments is indicating that they will not go for sit-in in ISB.
The other surprising thing is that NS fired only Pervaiz Musharaf but very less comments on Asif Dracula and no criticim on Asif drakula.