Saturday, June 14

Aitzaz Ahsan Starts Speech

Aitzaz Ahsan starts his speech
  1. He lambasts people who accuse him to have sold out to Musharraf
  2. He says that he is in this movement on principal despite having been offered a confirmed election seat
  3. Largest gathering of over 500,000 people
  4. Will talk about Dharna last
  5. Refers to Musharraf as a broken radio of a car which was traveling at 70 km per hour crashes and breaks down in to pieces - all is left is an broken but barely functioning radio. Musharraf is a broken radio
  6. Wants a fair and just system in Pakistan
  7. Condemns the blockage on Geo shows of Hamid Mir and Shahid Masood
  8. The decsion is not to have a Dharna - since the movemnet is stretched to its limits
  9. People who want to sit in are welcome to stay - but leadership will not issue a call for Dharna
[it seems Aitzaz is ever so slowly letting out the steam from a charged crowd that may have wanted a Dharna / confrontation]

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