Thursday, June 12

Videos - CJP arrives in Lahore

Just gained an energy boost after having heavy meals and red bull. I present the exclusive videos of the CJP's reception at Lahore. A historic event indeed. Please bear with the poor video quality and the moving frames - this was the best possible in such circumstances. I wish I had a HD camera.

Before CJ's arrival - [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

ready for reception of the CJP - [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

CJP arrives the Lahore airport - [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

Rally at Lahore Airport Exit - [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.


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Teeth Maestro said...

Ale great work - truly you have out done yourself ;)

I see you enjoyed the events of today rest easy - tomorrow is a big day

Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain
Hum Mulk Bacha kar Rahaain Gai