Tuesday, June 10

Update Long March - Day 2 @ 1620

Just got the latest update from the Long March procession, they are about 1 -1/2 hour from Multan and are having a great time, the procession continues to grow stronger by the mile and with numerous welcoming camps every 15-20 minutes


Asad said...

Lawers have shown the way to the nation how one has to fight for justice & rights

Asad said...

Muneer Malik,keep the tourch of freedom,justice burning which you lighted over an year back.Chaudry Atizaz grow over party politics,you have bigger 'AIM'S" now,dont let your self down,Lawers,Judges & Nation down,every act of yours should be towards a positive direction.Follow the principle of"WE",discard"I"theory now

Anonymous said...

This is the time, Faiz had dreamt about:

Jab Taj Ucchalay JaeN Ge, Jb Takht giraey Jaey Ge. Hum Dekhain Ge.

God bless all the long marchers