Wednesday, June 11

Update from Long March Day 3 @ 2040

From Lala Hussain of People's Resistance travelling from Karachi to Islamabad

We have Crossed Mian Chunno, rushing to Saheewal, fantastic reception at khanewal, and a Supurb in reception in Multan.

Some leaders flew with CJ to Lahore


Tab'an Khamosh = TK said...

Gulzar Kayani & Aitzaz: Signs Of Sickening Leadership

Lt. Gen. Jamshed Gulzar Kayani looked too small in front of a television anchor, spilling the beans on purely professional State and military matters with an authority that he pretended was his but didn’t really belong to him. And Aitzaz Ahsan finally admits that the Zardari-Bhutto wealth is stolen money. But Mr. Zardari, with all his failings, remains a more honorable person than Mr. Ahsan will ever be. Here’s why.....

Syed A. Ali said...