Friday, June 13

Reaching Rawalpindi

We are rite now in Rawalpindi we arrived here early in the morning around 6 am.
The weather is fantastic.

We left Lahore last night amid roaring crowds in thousands, It was mind blowing, so many people were on the streets. we got on top of our bus and started shouting slogans. the people responded immediately.

The long march convoy has now swelled up and today people from Peshawar will also arrive here. Our bus has got an unexpectedly fantastic response especially by the lawyers who told me numerous times that they salute us for our dedication to come from Karachi.

The International Socialists Bus is among the only ones from the left and is only the second "left" bus from khi. in Lahore we sold 75 of our Socialist magazine, some 133 booklets on our mobile stall and distributed some 4200 leaflets. We are in high spirits. The Police is ready with their batons and guns where ever we go. And in Pindi they are in huge numbers.

The reports that there are problems inside the Long March convoy are TOTALLY FALSE. We are all in this together. In few hours we will leave for Islamabad.

International Socialists.

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