Thursday, June 12

Protest in Birmingham, UK in support of the Long March demand for the restoration of democracy

Hi all  
Joining hands with protesters in Pakistan , other cities of the UK , Europe and North America, Birmingham activists will hold a protest between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm on thursday the 12th June 2008 outside Pakistani Consulate, 2/26, Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3HL. demanding the immediate and full restoration of Pakistan 's judiciary. Please join us.
We are citizens of Pakistan , citizens of Britain , who include members of the Pakistan Solidarity Campaign political parties such as the PTI, the PML(N), and other democrats..
The 12th June demonstration is an international call for Pakistan 's elected government to reinstate, in full, the judiciary Musharraf unlawfully dismissed on November 2nd 2007. The call is made to ensure democracy will never again have to face another military dictatorship.  
Naeem Malik
Pakistan Solidarity Campaign 

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