Thursday, June 12

Pictures of Long March passing through Lahore

Aitezaz came out of his home at 3:50 pm. He said that travel plans have shifted by a few hours as CJ got free after 8 am in the morning after his last speech. Now everyone is moving out and hope to get to Islamabad very late at night. He also said Mush is history and the Parliament is under pressure as shown in the budget speech.

Just crossed Khyaban-e-Iqbal. Mall Road is flooded with cars going on the Long March.

CCP SAC and FASTRising rally stuck at state bank building signal on mall road.

Mall Road (leading to High Court) has been closed by traffic police. I guess the traffic is also totally choked as you can see in the picture that traffic is also stuck beyond the signal.

Student caravan at Mall Road Charing Cross. Pic taken from bus number 6. Many more buses right behind us.

"Guantanamo Bay" float. The banner reads "Is this the future of proud Pakistanis? That American and Pakistani secret agencies trade in them and humiliate them as prisoners in cages? The decision will have to be rendered by the nation!"

SAC Lahore buses

Musharraf's funeral - by Tehreek-e-Insaaf workers

Tehreek-e-Insaaf rally

Tehree-e-Insaaf float

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