Thursday, June 12

Internation support for the long march

Opposition to General Musharaf and support for an
Independent grows across the UK and Europe.

Pakistanis and other democratic minded people living in Britain and Europe in a show of solidarity with the just demands of the lawyers are assembling outside Pakistani consulates and embassies. Please see below for details of some of the locations.

Naeem Malik, a computer programmer from Birmingham says, 'I want to see Pakistan become a country where the rule of law is enforced and not the Law of rulers.' Farheen Hussain, a student in Manchester says, 'we need an independent judiciary to hold politicians accountable and to keep the military out of politics.' Talat Butt, a Human rights campaigner organising in Stockholm says, 'I want General Musharaf out, and I want to see him put on trial in front of an independent Judiciary.

The organizers of the international protests hope that 12th June will become a Democracy day, celebrated across the world as a permanent rebuttal to would be dictators. Following are the details on some of the planned protests outside Pakistani Consulates and Embassies in Europe on the 12th June 2008.

  1. Birmingham between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm outside Pakistan Consulate,
  2. 26, Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3HL for details contact 07721 427690
  3. Stockholm: 2.00pm, Embassy of Pakistan Stockholm, Sweden. Karlavagen 65, 1st Floor SE-114 49 STOCKHOLM. (0046)709305436
  4. London: 6.00pme Pakistan High Commission, London. 07951464449
  5. Manchester: 12.00 non, Pakistani Consulate, 137 Dickenson Road,
    Rusholme, Contact: 07808173031

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