Friday, June 13

Hamid Mir and Shahid Masood blocked?

Reports are coming in that Hamid Mir's Capital Talk and Dr. Shahid Masood's Merey Mutabiq on GEO both programs have been banned by UAE govt.

Hamid Mir on Aaj says it is because of Rehman Malik

What's the latest gossip? And why? It truly irks me to see Rehman Malik interfering with Pakistans affair



Anonymous said...

I was watching Bolta Pakistan today in which they took Hamid Mir on call.Apparently Capital Talk and Meray Mutabiq has been banned by UAE govt. Mir suspected that Rehman Malik might be involved in that.

ãõŋę Įŋ Ŗåīŋ said...

check this for details