Wednesday, June 11

FW: Update

First camp at airport exit. Huge Huge crowd. Slogans, revolutionary music, enthusiasm, anger is what I see! The biggest rally to be seen here, I can see flags, masses and vehicles to the point my eye sight supports. Great show, Lahore rocked!”


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Daily News Reports:

Good afternoon Punjab!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By Jamal Khurshid


The road-weary Karachi caravan arrived in Sukkur well past 1 a.m. to a rousing reception and was soon joined by a caravan from Balochistan, led by Ali Ahmed Kurd. The total number of people at Sukkur, after the buoyant amalgamation of the two caravans, rose approximately 5,000 (maybe even 6,000 people). Around 2,000 of these were lawyers. The remaining were political, NGO and civil society activists.