Thursday, June 12

ALE - our citizen reporter starved & tired

A message from ALE who has been very active blogging for this blog:

"Starved, weary and tired. Extreme back pain from shooting a video of the jalsa at azadi chowk, perched on a khamba for an hour. Half-dead, but still aiming high - Islamabad. Ale"

My response to his message

"Zinda Hai Ale zinda Hai
Zinda Hai"

And his response

"Ye bhooka pyasa,
Zinda hai :p"

It's truly the courage of Pakistanis like him wherein lies the hope of an entire nation - starved, tired, drained he still is upbeat - eyes set upon Islamabad and goes forth with the hope of having a restored and independent Judiciary for the sake of Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabad

Awab Alvi / Teeth Maestro

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